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and repurposers -- of vintage finds and antique treasures from the early 1900s to the late 1940s who practice the Kindergarten tenent of sharing on this page.  (we are


Indentifying Playful Funky Junk: Vintage Fisher-Price Wooden Toys
By: A Cat Eye Girl  -  5/19/2011


funky junk, antiques, primitives, seattle, yakima, tri-cities, spokane, portlandThe most comprehensive source of information about old Fisher-Price toys we have found is at ThisOldToy.com

What we love about this site is its simplicity and while at first you wonder why the toys are organized the way they are . . . after you dig around it makes perfect sense how and why they organized them as they did.

Each toy profiled in the site comes with a description, picture, date of manufacture, and a Fisher-Price #.

While some might view our inclusion of vintage Fisher-Price toys under the "Funky Junk" moniker as a bit of a stretch, we like to think of funky junk as playful and whimsical.  

Are old toys actually funky junk?  We think so, do you?

Is there a better way to include whimsical play into our homes and lives with something other than with an old Fisher Price pull toy with peeling paint and the indisputable charm of their 1950s graphics?  Share here!


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Less is usually more, though when you are recycling and repurposing, more is, well, actually more!

We'll get farther, collect and share more ideas for using funky junk in new ways, provide more funky junk inspiration, salvage more funky junk, repurpose more funky junk  and recycle more funky junk if we do it together!

Do share.  And, if you've learned a funky junk thing or two or found a little funky junk inspiration by what you read here . . .

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