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Agent 99 - Teresa Mitchell Agent 99
Teresa Mitchell

It’s no secret that we find and sell old things. It’s what we do. Our job is to source it, haul it, clean it, polish it, research it, describe it and merchandise it so our customers see how amazing “it” really is! (read more)

The Kitchen Queen - Carolyn Pederson The Kitchen Queen
Carolyn Pederson

Following a lifetime of collecting, the Kitchen Queen took a leap into the “antique” world in 1999. Her eye for display, buying instincts and passion for Victorian elements and kitchenware created a following of loyalists -- repeat customers! (read more)

Elle Williams - Laurie Williams Elle Williams
Laurie Williams

Antiquing, it’s a process. One discovery leads to another, knowledge expands with every new find. With an acute eye for “the good stuff” and an antique knowledge base with depth and breadth, customers love spending time with L., chatting, asking and learning.  (read more)

To become an Associate Cat Eye Girl, pinky swear that you:

1. Added Cat Eye Girls dot com to your favorites and will return on occasion for a little pluck and to scan our blog for a little "funky junk"  inspiration.

2. Will jump in your pedal car and follow us on facebook, without tailgaiting.

3. Wear cat eye glasses or imagine yourself wearing vintage cat eye glasses.

4. Regularly practice the tenents you learned in Kindergarten -- share, be kind, don't cut in the lunch line and finger paint on Fridays! 

ps.  The honor system is in play here . . . to really have Offically Recognized Associate Cat Eye Girl status . . . well . . . you actually have to do one of the four things!

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Primitive show Yakima, funky junk show, antique show, Portland, Seattle, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Washington

Cat Eye Girls
1840 St. Hilaire Rd
Yakima, WA 98901
(509) 453-0402