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who repurpose, recycle and re-home retro, vintage, antique and industrial elements into structurally functional task masters, sources of inspiration and cause celeb' for a room overhaul. (find us)

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Socks has a Heart!
jadite Cat Gym Lockers
US Cavalry Horse Blanket Primitive Cabinet Summertime
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We snapped this shot in Agent 99's backyard before the Kitchen Queen drove away with a car full of pristine Pyrex -- all headed for her mall space in Snohomish.  If you love Pyrex, this was a sight to behold!

Visit the Kitchen Queen in Snohomish and you will find the mother lode of Pyrex!

Yes, those linens in the galvanized wash tub and on top of the little green primitive cabinet are stacks of pristine 1950s tablecloths -- California Handprints mostly. 



What do the Cat Eye Girls mean by repurposing and recycling?

We provide fun, inspiring and practical ways to use old things in new ways. 

As creative hunters and gatherers of old things we recycle our finds into loving homes.

We have been known to change the form of something, like turning a twin bed frame into a bench with storage. 

Though mostly we concern ourselves with repurposing things without changing the form or original structure. 

We just think up new ways to use old things.


funky junk show, antique show, Spokane, Portland, Seattle, Yakima, Washington

 Cat Eye Girls
1840 St. Hilaire Road
Yakima, WA 98901