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and clever thinkers who repurpose, recycle and re-home antique and vintage task masters, market their wares in antique and vintage inspired stores, buy estate contents . . . and bake things from scratch. (repurpose)


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Repurpose Funky Junk into Vintage Task Masters

We spend our days and nights thinking up clever and practical ways to use funky junk in new ways.  And, then we share our ideas! 

Buy Old Things: Funky Junk, Vintage Elements, Industrial Kits, Whimsical Kabootles

We purchase old, unwanted or unloved -- vintage, antique, funky junk, industrial -- elements that we can recycle to the exact person who will cherish them!
Market Funky Junk, Industrial Kabootles, Primitive Anythings . . .

It's how we create really happy customers!  And, it's our passionate pursuit of WOW! 
Estate Sale Company Serving Yakima, Kittitas, Benton and Snohomish Counties

We put our knowledge, skills and experience to work in service to customers who could use a little help liquidating an estate -- one item or entire contents. 






repurpose, repurposed, repurposing

Here's a little trivia! 

Agent 99 and Elle Williams regulary use the phrase, "The gift that keeps on giving" when knowledge is shared, exchanged  and transfered. . . though neither knew where the phrase came from . . . until Agent 99 came home with 3 Victrola packing crate panels hinged together to make a screen . . . while waxing it in prepartion to take to a vintage market she read the tagline printed on one of the crate panels . . . it read:

"The Gift that Keeps
On Giving!" 

repurpose, repurposing, repurposed

Cat Eye Girls
1840 St. Hilaire Rd
Yakima, WA 98901