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A few things you may not know about linoleum
By: A cateyegirl  -  12/26/2013

One of us is in the middle of a home destruction project and has rightfully concluded that she will always live with dogs . . . which narrows flooring options.  Here is what one cateyegirl learned about linoleum:

  • Linoleum, made by Forbo and Armstrong is the greenest flooring on the planet. It is made from solidified linseed oil, pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour and mineral fillers attached to a burlap backing.
  • Linoleum was invented in 1855 and is still used today.
  • Linoleum has a pattern that is continuous through the full depth of the tile or sheet -- so it never shows wear.
  • Linoleum has non-allergenic properties.
  • Linoleum comes in tiles and sheets.
  • Linoleum costs about $6.00 a foot installed by a certified Forbo installer.
  • Linoleum requires a perfectly flat surface to adhere to and is installed over 1/2 plywood subfloor.
  • Linoleum can be used for counter tops, floors, backsplashes, shower surrounds . . .

And here is the best part . . . you can customize it in some pretty amazing ways with the help of a certified installer and a shop that has a 300,000 dollar machine that can take a drawing and bring it to life in linoleum.  (Custom inlays increase the cost per square foot.)

Here is the sketch that we are using for inspiration for our linoleum floor:

custom linoleum floors, linoleum floors, inlay linoleum floors

Imagine Calla Lilies and Daisies and borders and little white dots that map and marry to the fluted molding and the garden and window boxes.  The design is in the works and will come to life over the next couple of months. We will share a final sketch when it has gone through the full design process and pictures of the floor during and after installation.

The point here is: If you can imagine it and sketch it you can have it.  (There are some limitations in creating contrast due to color choices.)

The process of creating a custom inlay linoleum floor is simple though the steps are NOT readily available on the internet.  Both Forbo and Armstrong don't make it easy for the residential customer to see or know what is possible or provide contact information for people who can take your imagined linoleum floor and bring it to life.



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