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and repurposers -- of vintage finds and antique treasures from the early 1900s to the late 1940s who practice the Kindergarten tenent of sharing on this page.  (we are


The Barn
By: A CatEyeGirl  -  4/17/2013

Ruffles and Rust Inspiration House is still open . . . for the next few days.  In fact as we are typing this the Ruffles and Rust team is in the house fluffing and filling it anew for tomorrow. 

cateyegirls, the barn, ruffles and rust, ruffles and rust square, vintage market, vintage market washington, antique show, seattleRuffles and Rust Inspiration House was a collaborative event presented by the team behind Ruffles and Rust Square in Historic Snohomish, WA . . . staging a brand-spankin' new craftsman with vintage elements and when we left on Sunday they had worked their magic on the whole house.  It was beautiful and, yes, inspiring.

You have tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and as it stands maybe Sunday to shop this unique vintage market. But that isn't what we really want to share . . . we really want to tell you about The Barn.

The Barn.  A new vintage market presented by Ruffles and Rust.  In Historic Snohomish at the intersection of Marsh Road and Hwy 9 -- in a barn on the Thomas Family Farm.  The Barn is a one-day don't wake up Sunday morning thinking that we will all still be there sort of sale.

Ruffles and Rust is famous for attracting the most inspiring vintage market vendors the Pacific Northwest has to offer and we promise they will not disappoint you.  

The Ruffles team always puts on a fun show that are extremely well attended . . . which means for you the vendors tend to haul in their best junk and build out amazing displays sure to dazzle!

Ruffles and Rust Square

The Barn

August 17, 2013 
9010 Marsh Road
Snohomish, WA 98296
$5 Entry fee at the door


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