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and repurposers -- of vintage finds and antique treasures from the early 1900s to the late 1940s who practice the Kindergarten tenent of sharing on this page.  (we are


2011 Antique and Funky Junk Show in the Park
By: A Cat Eye Girl  -  6/19/2011


Once again we had a great time with Country Nester's, Cheryl and Paul Ziemer at their "Antiques in the Park Show" June 18, 2011.  Country Nesters brought us customers and we hauled in some really cool old funky junk that our customers hauled off in their Suburbans, trucks, vans et al!

Agent 99 hammin' it up with "it all could be yours, yours, yours" a few minutes before show time!

funky junk Show, funky junk, seattle, puyallup, walla walla, portland, spokane, tri-cities, antiques, kennewick

Thankfully, Agent 99 packed several funky old umbrellas to stave off the "damp" feeling you get after standing in a spring rain for a few hours.  And, our customers  . . . heck, they weren't bothered in the least . . . a little rain can't impede their hunting and gathering of funky junk!

funky junk, funky junk show, antiques, antique show, portland, seattle, spokane, tri-cities, yakima, kennewick, hillsboro, walla wallla

Mid-century funky junk . . . What you can't really see in this picture is a complete set of four Russell Wright chairs . . . all painted, different and multiple colors.  Can you say, "screamin' 1950s funky junk?"

funky junk, funky junk show, antique, antiques, antique store, kennewick, spokane, portland, yakima, seattle, monroe, puyallup, walla walla, tri-cities, kennewick, prosser

Auh, primitives -- the real deal when it comes to funky junk -- with peeling paint and a patina that only time and pressure can create!  What is it about old screen doors . . . they are so magnetic in this "time-travel" sort of way. 

funky junk, funky junk show, spokane, seattle, portland, walla walla, kennewick, tri-cities, yakima, snohomish, monroe, hillsboro, antique, antiques, antique store

Yes, that is a pristine old Coca-Cola picnic cooler hiding behind the 1940s Coca-Cola tray . . . and lots of cool funky garage art . . . huge Coke signs, advertising signs, license plates from the 1930s - 1940s and a speaker from an old drive-in theater . . . yup, some pretty cool funky guy junk!  And, at this show there were a few guys -- "car" guys who drove in some pretty cool rides for the VFW Car Show.

funky junk, funky junk show, antiques, antique store, antique mall, kennewick, richland, tri-cities, spokane, portland, seattle, walla walla, hillsboro, monroe, snohomish

Funky farm junk!  The table holding up this "primitive" vignette up came out of a barn and has lived long enough to experience what only time and pressure produces -- layers of cracked and marbled paint. 

funky junk, funky junk show, antiques, antique show, antique store, antique mall, seattle, portland, spokane, walla walla, tri-cities, kennewick, snohomish, monroe, hillsboro

As with every show that Agent 99 vends at . . . no funky junk show display would be complete with out a few old glass jars.  Perhaps it's the recycler in her . . . or is it the geologist in her with the sand and silica?  Just the same, old glass jars are always sought after.  They are cool, funky junk that is easily repurposed in a variety of ways.

And, once again we packed up and headed for home thinking about all of the wonderful customers we met . . . women who dropped out of the rat race to home school their kids, a couple who live in two distincly different worlds -- Florida and in a primitive cabin set in the Blue Mountains previously owned by Hemmingway's nephew, and Betsy, an inspiring fresh face to the "antique" world who markets her wares in Spokane's Vintage Rabbit . . . auh, our customers are so interesting!

We remain grateful to all who jumped in their pedal car, braved the spring drizzle and shopped with us at the Country Nesters Park Show . . . thank you!

Up Next . . . Antiques on the Farm at Bill's Berry Farm in Grandview, WA . . . July 1, 5:00pm -- 8:30 and July 2, 9:00 am -- 4:00 pm . . . see you there!


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