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and repurposers -- of vintage finds and antique treasures from the early 1900s to the late 1940s who practice the Kindergarten tenent of sharing on this page.  (we are


Oh, We Can Hardly Stand It . . . American Primitives at Clayson Farm Antique Show!
By: A Cat Eye Girl  -  6/24/2013


Once again, we are so excited we can hardly stand it . . . Wantique show Yakima, funky junk show yakima, American Primitives at Clayson Farm, Primitives, Yakima, Seattlee are again vending at American Primitives at Clayson Farm Antique Show . . . which in our not so humble opinion has earned its rightful place at the top of our "Must Attend Antiques Show / Vintage Market" list.  It is absolutely worth the drive from Seattle to attend this vintage market . . . trust us, it's good pickins!

Why do we love this outdoor vintage market, funky junk, primitive and antique show so much? 

Cool Customers.  American Primitives attracts some of the most interesting customers.  They are unique and inspiring.  Always something to learn, share and bond over.  Nothing like a yard full of furniture with peeling paint to get funky junkers chatting and sharing!

Fantastic Vendors.  Like other really fantastic antique shows, there are vendors at this small, primitive / antique show / vintage market a few short miles from Yakima who ONLY do this show.  They hunt and gather all year and bring their finds to charm you, warm your heart . . . enough to inspire complete room makeovers!

Stunning Setting.  American Primitives takes place in the front yard of show promoter Leslee Mobley's home . . . a charming home, with charming elements that will make you feel at home and, oh, so inspired!  Truly, a beautiful setting for an outdoor antiques show / vintage market. 

It's in Yakima!  Some . . . OK . . . one of the Cat Eye Girls is a former westsider who left the rain and terrain of Seattle and never looked back.  And, since at least one of us is now a local, and despite what you may read in the "Seattle Times," Yakima is a wonderful place to live, hunt for buried treasure and live an amazingly rich, simple life.  And . . . the weather . . . well, it's mostly perfect! 

There, now that should give you enough inspiration to jump in your pedal car, leave Seattle, make your way across Chinook Pass (take the scenic route) and attend American Primitives at Clayson Farm Antique Show. . . it will charm you!

When:  August 12, 2015. . . 9 am sharp! (Always the 2nd Saturday of August . . . In 2016 . . . August 13th . . .)

Where:  221 Hall Road, between Yakima and Naches, right off Hwy 12.

  • From Seattle / Yakima, I-90 to I-82 to Yakima, then east on Hwy 12 (to Naches).  Right on Mapleway Road and immediately turn left onto Hall Road.
  • From White / Chinook Pass, Hwy 12  east to Gleed.  Left on Mapleway, immediate left onto Hall Road.

You can't miss it, look to your right . . .  you will see Leslee's charming home, with charming elements, with a charming yard filled with charming vendors who worked all year to charm you with their antiques, primitives and funky junk! 

See you there! 

Bring a friend!
Bring a truck!
Better yet . . . Bring a friend with a truck!


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