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  Roxy Ann - Ann Steiger

Roxy Ann
Ann Steiger

"Roxy" Ann is the keeper and protector of the Roxy Theatre Antiques in Kennewick, both the store and the historic building.  The Roxy, like Ann, brings things to life with an action plan, ongoing community building, amazing events, a whole lot of happy customers and some pretty darn infectious laughter!  

We have met no other small business owner, let alone antique store owner, who stays as open to ideas and possibilities as Ann Steiger, who we like to call Roxy on occassion.  In this regard, she is singularly unique.  Ann Steiger brings what Tom Peters preaches to life!Antique show, Pasco, Tri-Cities, Kennewick, Richland, Washington, Ann Steiger, Roxy Theatre Antiques

Long ago in a far away land, Ann Steiger managed vendors (400+) for annual state fairs.  Now, in historic downtown Kennewick, Washington she is the protector, keeper and champion of the Roxy Theatre building, the owner and manager of the Roxy Theatre Antiques and a well-respected antique show promoter in the Tri-Cities (Spring Tri-Cities Antique Show . . . with a twist of vintage! annually held mid-March). 

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