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and clever thinkers who repurpose, recycle and re-home antique and vintage task masters, market their wares in antique and vintage inspired stores, buy estate contents . . . and bake things from scratch. (repurpose)


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Market Funky Junk, Industrial Kabootles, Primitive Anythings . . .

The Cat Eye Girls are passionate about recycling and repurposing old things, funky junk, industrial elements and structurally functional elements, and we hope that some of that passion rubs off on our customers. 

We make our living buying and selling vintage task masters.  Structurally functional things like antique and primitive furniture.  Beautiful handmade works of art made in parlors of the 1930s -- hand quilted quilts, tatting and fine embroidery.  We have a particular affinity towards 1950s tablecloths as well.

We are generalists.  Our criteria is simple: we sell things that are easily recognizable as retro, primitive, antique, vintage or industrial -- made prior to the 1950s.  And, we love funky junk, peeling paint and anything 1930s green or painted 60 years ago with white oil-based paint.

We find joy and inspiration in pairing uncommon elements and creating inspiring visual displays using theme and color, depth and breadth.  It's one of our passionate pursuits of WOW!

Our inventory can be found:

  • Anytime at in these Washington State antique stores: Roxy Theatre Antiques in Kennewick, Antique Station in Snohomish and the Sixth Street Gallery in Prosser.
  • At antique and funky junk shows in exotic locales in Washington and Oregon . . .like . . . Gleed (Yakima), Monroe, Pasco, Prosser, Waterville, Richland, Stanfield, Seattle, Portland, Hillsboro . . .

See where we are!  And, then jump in your pedal car and follow us on Facebook!

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repurpose, repurposed, repurposing

Here's a little trivia! 

Agent 99 and Elle Williams regulary use the phrase, "The gift that keeps on giving" when knowledge is shared, exchanged  and transfered. . . though neither knew where the phrase came from . . . until Agent 99 came home with 3 Victrola packing crate panels hinged together to make a screen . . . while waxing it in prepartion to take to a vintage market she read the tagline printed on one of the crate panels . . . it read:

"The Gift that Keeps
On Giving!" 

repurpose, repurposing, repurposed

Cat Eye Girls
1840 St. Hilaire Rd
Yakima, WA 98901